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ANetflix, in today’s world, has become synonymous to entertainment. The OTT platform continues to be the most popular streaming service despite its increasing competition and many other services joining the league.

What started off as a DVD-mailing website, today, holds a net worth $157.26B, an ever-increasing library and a surfeit of original content giving its subscribers a value for their money. Netflix includes a large variety of content including original series and movies, docuseries, documentaries, films, educational shows, cartoons catering to its viewers of all ages.

Netflix continues to break the glass ceiling with its achievements, be it becoming one of the companies showing the highest growth during Covid lockdowns or winning 26 Emmy Awards in 2022—Netflix has continued to win. Squid Game made history by becoming the first-ever non-English series to win an Emmy Award.

What has Netflix to offer?

Netflix offers a wide variety of content appealing to all age brackets, people belonging to different parts of the world and/or holding completely different ideologies. Netflix originals not only caters to one part of the world but its regional offices work to produce content in different languages along with options to watch it in different languages and subtitles making it more relatable for the audience. Its best running shows like The Witcher, Ozark, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Money Heist and Cobra Kai are considered to be among the best of modern era television shows.

Netflix original series include an exuberant variety of comedies, dramas, foreign films and shows, documentary series, anime, stand-up comedy specials and reality dating and competition shows. Though not all of them turn out to be hits, most of them continue to leave a mark stressing over the new dynamics of entertainment for people.

Moreover, Netflix continues to add content to its ever-increasing library and despite losing its popular shows like Friends to HBO or its Marvel series to Disney+ it remains one of the most sought-after OTT platforms. In 2022 alone, Netflix aimed to release over 100 new movies, at least one per week. The selection spans across genres and geography, and includes K-dramas, animated features, and fantasy book adaptations.

However, shows and movies continue to leave Netflix without fair warning. The only way to find out what shows are leaving Netflix is to search the particular movie of the show or read up on what is coming up next and what is leaving the OTT platform.

Games on Netflix

Last year Netflix introduced mobile games adding value to its streaming package. Subscribers with an iOS or Android device can play five Netflix games for free with no ads. Of the five launch games, three are casual, Facebook Gaming-style time-wasters: poker-themed Card Blast, finicky basketball game Shooting Hoops, and ball-balancing arcade game Teeter Up. The OTT platform also offers two retro-styled Stranger Things adventure games: Strangers Things 1984 and Stranger Things 3 The Game.

A dent to the wallet

Netflix offers four basic pay plans—Basic with ads, Basic, Standard and Premium—ranging from $7 to $20.

All plans include the ability to watch on any device. The basic ad-supported plan will not include roughly 5 to 10% of Netflix’s catalog, but all other subscribers have its full, unlimited collection of movies and TV shows. All plans allow cancellation at any time.

Netflix’s Basic ad-free plan costs more than Prime Video ($9 per month) and more than Hulu’s ad-based plan ($8 per month) but less than its more comparable no-ads plan ($15 per month). Its new ad-supported version is less than Hulu’s but you only get one stream. If you’re on a shared Netflix account with family, chances are it’s a Premium one ($20 per month) — if you’re actually splitting it between four people, that’s only $5 per month each, and a strong value for all of the original content available, including some in 4K Ultra HD. Plus: No commercials on any plan.

Despite being the most expensive among other streaming websites, Netflix offers the most value for money content and the best experience. With a user-friendly website and a wide range of content to choose from, Netflix continues to remain at the top of its game.

Netflix review

Netflix still remains one of the best streaming website offering one of the best mix of content and continuing to evolve with the needs of its users and subscribers.

With new features being added to the OTT platform regularly, it is unlikely that Netflix will lose its charm in the near future and we only see it continue to grow.

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