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Netflix Free Trial – How to get Netflix for free

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Netflix Free Trial

Despite being the most expensive streaming service, Netflix is the most sought-after OTT platform. Offering a wide range of movies and TV shows and a massive original content library Netflix caters to the entertainment needs of everyone.

They stream in more than 30 languages and 190 countries. The company is the world’s leading premium media platform and operates in nearly every country. Many other Netflix alternatives and competitor platforms trying hard to occupy the position of Netflix for many years but have yet to be successful because the quality content provided by Netflix is available nowhere.

The content provided by Netflix varies from region to region and may also change over time. The number of simultaneous streams and the resolution determines the price of the Netflix paying plan one wants to select. One can compare the prices and the plans and change and cancel the plan online anytime.

How to watch Netflix for free

Netflix used to provide complete access to free content during its 30-day trial, which has been withdrawn.

Earlier, Netflix offered a free trial to attract new users to make them upgrade to premium plans by providing members with Netflix one month of free access. The free trial allowed users to test the service risk-free before they were committed to a long-term strategy.

The free trial allowed users to view unlimited movies and shows on Netflix. The feature also offered an option for the non-subscribers to watch the first episode of various TV series for free such as Stranger Things, Love is Blind, and many more.

However, the free trial was discontinued in October 2020 in countries like the USA, India, the UK, etc. The company aimed to promote different marketing options in the US to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience.

The streaming service has now also removed the option of watching the first episodes of select TV series during the 30-day trial period. It is disappointing that Netflix has withdrawn its 30-day trial offer, and one should be careful to be aware of companies offering free trials.

However, one can still get Netflix together with pay-tv packages that provide a subscription or even take advantage of family and friends sharing their passwords.

Netflix pay plans

Netflix offers four basic pay plans—Basic with ads, Basic, Standard, and Premium—ranging from $7 to $20.

All plans include the ability to watch on any device. The basic ad-supported program will not involve roughly 5 to 10% of Netflix’s catalog, but all other subscribers have its complete, unlimited collection of movies and TV shows. All plans allow cancellation at any time.

Despite being the most expensive among other streaming websites, Netflix offers the most value-for-money content and the best experience. With a user-friendly website, an App for virtually every smart device, and a wide range of content, Netflix remains at the top of its game.

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