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The 25 Best TV Shows on Netflix (March 2023)

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25 Best TV Shows

Netflix has, over time, become a significant component of entertainment. The streaming service has, over time, grown so huge that today it offers over 30,000 hours of content with many original series.

Today, what started as a DVD-sharing company has taken over as the primary source of TV, giving tough competition to its counterparts and regular television programs. 

With the ever-increasing library, it is becoming difficult to navigate through Netflix and choose what you want to watch, so we have come up with a much-watch list for you on Netflix.

1.      Sex Education Year: 2019

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Created by: Laurie Nunn

One has to credit Netflix for bringing together content from across the globe for audiences to watch shows from many languages and cultures. Sex Education is a UK-produced show which openly talks about sex and what it means to people of different ages. The show keeps its funny side and is a good watch.

2.      Breaking Bad

Year: 2008

Genre: Crime, Drama

Created by: Vince Gilligan

The story revolves around an Albuquerque high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with terminal cancer and decides to use his remaining time to earn as much money as possible for his family. To get his way, he becomes one of the most influential players in the methamphetamine trade, and it also deals with the toll this decision takes on those around him.

3.      The Queen’s Gambit 

Year: 2020

Genre: Drama

Created by: Scott Frank, Allan Scott

The Queen’s Gambit was an instant hit when it joined Netflix in 2020. The story is about a girl orphaned in a car accident at the age of nine, after which she moves to an orphanage where she discovers her love for chess. She then later rises to become a renowned chess player.

4.      Squid Game 

Year: 2021

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

Created by: Hwang Dong-hyuk

Squid Game turned out to be an unexpected hit on Netflix. Initially a Korean show available in multiple languages, including English, it is a dark story about a group participating in a game that one can survive.

5.      Peaky Blinders 

Year: 2013

Genre: Drama, Crime, Historical Fiction

Created by: Steven Knight

Peaky Blinders is not for the soft-hearted. A period piece crime drama based on the real Shelby family, that story is about an Irish crime family that was infamous for its brutality post World War I. The main character Tommy Shelby works to maintain power using fear and brutality.

6.      The Crown 

Year: 2016

Genre: Biography, Drama, History

Created by: Peter Morgan

The much-criticized and equally appreciated series is a dramatized portrayal of the British Royal family. The Crown brings forth the personal and political turmoil that the royal family went through at different stages of Queen Elizabeth’s life.

7.      Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj 

Year: 2018

Genre: Comedy, News, Talk-Show

Created by: Hasan Minhaj

The show is known for its satirical take on politicians and corporations of today. The performance has been highly praised for its humor and wittiness. Patriot Act manages to bag an Emmy, Peabody Award, and two Webby Awards.

8.      The Umbrella Academy 

Year: 2019

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy

Created by: Steve Blackman, Jeremy Slater, Gerard Way

The Umbrella Academy is a comic book adaptation based on a family of former child heroes who are now in their 30s. Circumstances make them realize they can only save the world if they unite.

9.      Stranger Things

Year: 2016

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Created by: Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer

The show is set in the 80s and is about a group of young boys who accidentally discover a passageway to another dimension. Stranger Things includes characters with special powers. The show is an excellent mix of romance, comedy, drama, and horror.

10.  Ozark 

Year: 2017

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Created by: Bill Dubuque, Mark Williams

What seems like a simple ordinary family in Chicago holds many dark secrets, including that its head Marty Byrde is a top money launderer for a drug cartel in Mexico. When things worsen, the family is forced to move to Missouri Ozarks.

11.  Mindhunter 

Year: 2017

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Created by: Joe Penhall

This Netflix original unravels the science behind profiling serial killers. The main character FBI agent Holden Ford and his team are shown interviewing serial killers across the US, attempting to understand the reason that drove them to commit heinous crimes.

12.  Dark 

Year: 2017

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Created by: Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese

One that Netflix should be again praised for is for bringing together content from all around the world and making it accessible to people belonging to completely different audiences. The show starts with a young boy going missing in a small German town that unearths the small town’s dark secrets.

13.  The Haunting of Hill House 

Year: 2018

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery

Created by: Mike Flanagan

Netflix has produced some excellent horror content, and The Haunting of the Hill House is top of the list. It is based on a story of a family struggling with the memories of living in their childhood home.

14.  Money Heist 

Year: 2017-2021

Genres: Drama, thriller, crime film

Created by: Alex Pina

What was originally a Spanish series was later taken over by Netflix, which produced its final season. The show, which, as the name suggests, is about a heist at the Bank of Spain, was much acclaimed and is still one of the most-seen shows on the streaming service.

15.  The Gift

Year: 2019-2021

Genres: Science fiction, Mystery, Psychological thriller

Created by: Burcu Alptekin

The Gift is a Turkish series that revolves around the life of a painter who has visions and sees herself in another life. The ensemble cast and the mystery make the show a must-watch.

16.  Wednesday 

Year: 2022

Genres: Fantasy, comedy, horror, supernatural, supernatural fiction

Created: Miles Millar, Alfred Gough

The show is a spin-off from the famous Adams Family based on their daughter Wednesday. The story starts when Wednesday reaches Nevermore Academy, where she comes face-to-face with a mystery that has been unresolved for the past 25 years.

17.  You

Year: 2018

Genres: Psychological thriller, crime TV

Created by: Blake Neely

The psychological thriller series is about Joe Goldberg, who is a psychopath. The series revolves around his twisted pursuits of women. This show is not for the faint-hearted.

18.  Ginny and Georgia

Year: 2021

Genre: Comedy-drama

Created by: Sarah Lampert

The romantic drama-comedy series revolves around a mother-and-daughter duo. Teenage Ginny is shown mature than her 30-year-old mother.

 19.  Emily in Paris

Year: 2020

Genre: Romantic comedy

Created by: Darren Star

Emily in Paris is a romantic comedy about Emily Cooper, a marketing aspiring. Emily is offered to move to Paris for work, an offer she takes. The story entails an American point of view on the traditions and lives of French people.

20.  Bridgeton 

Year: 2020

Genre: Romance; Drama

Created by: Chris Van Dusen

The series revolves around an affluent Bridgeton family, and each season focuses on one of the Bridgeton child and their love life.

21.  Firefly Lane

Year: 2020

Genre: Drama

Created by: Maggie Friedman

The story revolves around two friends who came together accidentally in their childhood and how their friendship journeyed into their 30s.

22.  The Watcher

Year: 2020

Genre: Suspense, Mystery

Created by:

The series is based on a true story about Westfield. A married couple goes through every suburban family’s nightmare when a stalker who dubs himself “The Watcher” sends them creepy, anonymous letters.

23.  Manifest

Year: 2018

Genre: Genres: Drama, Supernatural

Created by: Jeff Rake

After being presumed dead, 191 airplane passengers return to life, but with them come many unanswered questions and mysteries that only the passengers can solve together.

24.  Cobra Kai

Year: 2018

Genre: Martial arts comedy-drama

Created by: Jon Hurwitz

The series is a spin-off of Karate Kid with the signature dose of martial arts and unexpected enemies.

25.  Never Have I Ever

Year: 2020

Genre: Teen drama

Created by: Mindy Kaling

The story is based on an Indian-American girl who wants to improve her reputation at school and navigates through everything that life throws at her.

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